EIRDISCO is a creative community project centered around interactive coloring books that help you access your deepest unconscious, so just take it easy and let your intuition guide you when you color in these lines. After all, you must walk through the dark until you find the light switch and as scary as that may be, there really is no other way around it.
Confronting the subconscious is a crucial step towards healing past wounds and removing the peel that’s preventing you from reaching your chore. Eirdís’s work takes inspiration from psychoanalysis. Freud originally developed the technique of Free Association to help patients recover and comprehend crucial memories to alleviate mental blockages and pain from repression. The practice involves relating what comes into your mind without censorship. This technique is intended to release your subconscious thoughts and feelings and to relax your mind. Free association has no linear or preplanned agenda, but is the result of intuitive linkages which may lead to new personal insights.
Salvador Dali exercised a similar technique, using what he called “paranoiac critical method” unraveling his unconscious dreams and fears filtered through the shapes of his natural environment. Remember when you were a child and you’d look up into the clouds and see different shapes such as animals? That is what Dali frequently exercised in his paintings. Eirdís uses this method in her art practice by scattering lines on a white piece of paper, and then connecting the lines intuitively without prior planning. This is also a fun exercise to do anywhere i.e. seeing faces in the pavement below your feet or the droplets forming on your windshield.
Automation is another technique derived from free association, pioneered by André Breton, a French writer and one of the leaders and theorists of the surrealist movements. Automation initially involved writing but applies to drawing as well. The goal with automatism is to create art without any conscious thought or direct reference. While the paranoiac critical method utilizes an existing object or reference in the “real world” to access the unconscious, automation requires no reference aside from the medium you choose to communicate with. In other words, paranoiac critical method is an active dialogue with the subconscious while automation is passive. 
EIRDISCO's interactive coloring books offer you an experience like no other coloring book centered around the concepts above. You will be offered outlines for your most unique self to bloom through drawing and writing. You will bring the hidden into consciousness and heal your wounds through complete acceptance.