Eirdís's work deals with the disconnect between mind and body under today’s social media inflicted 'cloud culture', and the consequent objectification of the self. In this new narrative, the mind is the shadow and the body its plastic shell. Lost & Found attempts to break free from the plastic. Another major theme of Eirdís' work is the elusive nature of the self, challenging Western notions of 'finding oneself'. The most prevalent manual to understanding the human being today is through the lens of psychology. Straying from the norm is an indicator of a “lost self” and pharmaceutical drugs and therapy are thought of as tools for the individual to find the true self. However, the self is not a constant, consistent entity; rather it is ‘lost’ and 'found' constantly. Like water, we melt into each other and separate, adapt and shape ourselves according to our surroundings.
Eirdís H. Chen Ragnarsdóttir is an Icelandic & Chinese artist based in Beijing. With a mixed cultural background, she began contemplating ideas regarding identity from an early age. Furthermore, her battles with issues of body image for over a decade gave Eirdís a deeper understanding of the ephemerality of the self. Eirdís began this series of self-investigative paintings as a teenager, which she continued during her independent studies at Gallatin, New York University, after completing her course of traditional oil painting at Central Academy of Beijing. Through the lens of psychoanalysis, psychology and philosophy, Eirdís links her cultural and bodily struggles to the wider issue of identity in the age of globalization and social media.
Icelandic Embassy Solo Exhibit Beijing June 2019
Heron Arts San Francisco September - October 2018
MOCCA Arts Festival New York April 2018
Jerks Production Fused Underground Philadelphia April 2018
Raw Arts festival Brooklyn December 2017
 Raw Arts Festival New York October 2017
Gallatin Arts Festival New York April 2017
Nasty Woman Unite Fest Queens April 2017
WINNER for GALLATIN NYU Course-List Cover New York April 2017
Gallatin Arts Festival New York April 2016
Arteasta Beijing July 2012
NYU Confluance Publication New York April 2016
Slevin Magazine #5 Issue London March 2019
Que Será #2 Issue New York March 2019