I arrived inside my body as if landing on foreign land
filled with curiosity and hope.
I had been sleeping within my walls, hearing only echos
Instruments shaking behind the cracks.
My eyes had been obeying another tongue.
Its nerves continued turning and my eyes burned grey.
And when I closed them I saw color,
undefined yet quite specific.
I began investigating on my own
With my eyes closed entering a land devoid of light
Finally the world outside stopped echoing 
and became colourful too.
Now I sail in my own waters, 
sometimes they are red, sometimes blue, 
sometimes no color at all.
Eirdís Ragnarsdóttir is an Icelandic & Chinese artist, born in 1993. Frequently moving between countries growing up, Eirdís became aware of the inconsistencies of ‘self’ early on. Her decade battles with eating disorders and depression prompted her to seek meaning beyond the physical. Eirdís studied traditional oil painting at Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing, and through her studies at Gallatin New York University, she furthered her investigations of self through the lens of psychology and philosophy. 
Eirdís’s creative process is inspired by her own journey of rediscovering “self” beyond the conflicting cultural identities she grew up with. Her paintings deconstruct the symbolism of self, melting the forground with the background. The eclectic color palette in her work mirrors her chameleonesque experience of self. Her art explores the contradiction between the Western fixation of “finding oneself” and the Eastern philosophy of “no self” as all things are constantly changing. Her work has been exhibited in New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Beijing, Shanghai, Milan, Paris and Tokyo and she has collaborated with brands such as Arche and Burton. 

B.1993,中冰混血艺术家,文化混合的背景让她从早年就开始思考身份认同问题。受父母职业的影响,艺术家从儿时就开始不断的更换居住地,每一次的搬迁带来的除了生活环境的改变,更是文化认知的不同。艺术家通过绘画疗愈年少的不安和持续的探索自我。2012 年入中央美术学院进修,2017 年在纽约大学加勒庭学院主修心理学和哲学。
艺术家着迷于对自我和宇宙万物的辩证解释,“对象征符号的反诠释”是她长期以来的创作主题。她将象征符号撕碎、分解成纯粹的抽象,借以模仿宇宙的辩证现实。这个过程恰恰反映了艺术家自己在成长过程中多种文化身份的不一致的状态下重新发现真实“自我”的旅程。Eirdís 的艺术探索了西方的“寻找自我”和东方哲学的“无我”,最终发现,真正的“自我”如流淌的水,纠缠于周围环境中不断改变着。 她的作品备受欢迎曾在多国及多地区参展,如:纽约, 旧金山 Heron Art Gallery,米兰 ,巴黎龙福宫,日本,GUCCI 上海,北京 2022 年冬奥会,杭州及深圳等中国多地。同时与ArcheBURTON等品牌做过长期合作。
,DDD Gallery, Tokyo, Japan, 2023
XX 世界, Hang Zhou, China, 2022
Wave Art, Hang Zhou, China, 2022
Gucci, 'Bloom' Exhibition, Shanghai, 2022
Art Beijing Art Fair, 1719 Post, Beijing, 2022
Louvre, Focus Art Fair, Solo Exhibition, Paris, 2022
Wave Art Space, Hang Zhou, 2022
Plan X Gallery, NFT Group Exhibition, Milano, 2022
Long Fu Si, Winter Sports Exhibition, Beijing, 2022 
Hibon Art Gallery, Shen Zhen Art Fair, 2021  
Payne Y.Loh Art Space, Hang Zhou, Art Fair, 2021  
NGART QuanYeChang, Exhibition, May 2021  
Expo Song Feng, Exhibition, BaoDing, May 2021
Gross Gallery, Live Painting, Tokyo, July 2020
UltraSuperNewGallery Solo Exhibition Tokyo April-June 2020
Yuan Ming Yuan Gallery Beijing June 2019
Icelandic Embassy Solo Exhibition Beijing June 2019
Heron Arts Gallery San Francisco September - October 2018
MOCCA Arts Festival New York April 2018
Jerks Production Fused Philadelphia April 2018
Raw Arts festival Brooklyn December 2017
Raw Arts Festival New York October 2017
Gallatin Arts Festival New York April 2017
Nasty Woman Unite Fest Queens April 2017
GALLATIN NYU Course-List Cover New York June 2017
Gallatin Arts Festival New York April 2016​​​​​​​
BURTON Snowboards 54 square meter mural in memory of Jake Burton, Nan Shan Ski Resort, China 2021-2024 
Dream Ice Isle VR Theater Stage Artwork  2021
Arche French Luxury Shoe Brand - Spring & Summer 2020 Collection 2021
Arche French Luxury Shoe Brand - Spring & Summer 2020 Collection 2022
Samantha Darryanto Runway Collaboration 2017

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