Eirdís was born in Reykjavík, Iceland. With a Chinese mother and Icelandic father, she was raised between Iceland and China. She studied traditional Western and Chinese painting at Central Academy of Fine arts and continued her studies at New York University with a minor in psychology and an Individualized major ''The Concept of Self'' focusing on the Modern Self as a Commodity. Philosophy, Psychology and Psychoanalysis inspire Eirdís's creative process.
Her work mostly comprises of oil paintings and ink drawings. Eirdis discusses ideas regarding the gender unspecific “feminine," a topic that is important to consider not only within the framework of the individual but also within societal and cultural structures. She expresses the power of femininity in a time when masculine constructs are considered the epitome of strength in many countries. Her work is an attempt to reconnect with the feminine self. She is also fascinated with the Milennial Crisis of what she coins "The Lost & Found Self." The attractive comical interaction between women and food highlights the relevant consequences of the 21st century woman and how the misconception of femininity as a commodity can lead to a disjointed sense of self torn between social media/performance and internal embodiment.
While some of the earlier pieces address the artists personal journey battling eating disorders, Eirdis has used her alienated experience with body as a metaphor for the larger issue of today’s society, the lost self. Her work is an attempt to unify our understanding of body, mind and the subconscious and to challenge our disconnected relationship with the self in today’s technologically advanced societies.
Heron Arts San Francisco September - October 2018
MOCCA Arts Festival New York April 2018
Jerks Production Fused Underground Philadelphia April 2018
Raw Arts festival Brooklyn December 2017
 Raw Arts Festival New York October 2017
Gallatin Arts Festival New York April 2017
Nasty Woman Unite Fest Queens April 2017
WINNER for GALLATIN NYU Course-List Cover New York April 2017
Gallatin Arts Festival New York April 2016
Arteasta Beijing July 2012
NYU Confluance Publication New York April 2016
Slevin Magazine #5 Issue London March 2019
Que Será #2 Issue New York March 2019